How to Fix Stop Loss for Investment Stocks?

In a Monthly Chart take the previous BH<50%CH Candle and place Stop Loss @ one ninth (1/9th.) below the Low of this Candle for the next month Stop Loss. Do it as a one-time activity at the close of every Month.

Here is the Simplified Illustration for Asahi India as a Case Study.

Here the Condition that CCI 34 must be >+100 on Monthly Chart is not  valid or a necessity as Stop Loss will be normally triggered when Momentum drops, which is what we want.

If you are not aware how to analyze a BH<50% CH Candle, here is it

What is BH<50%CH Candle?

BH=Body Height i.e. Absolute Difference between Close and Open of the Candle

CH= Candle Height i.e. Absolute Difference between High and Low of the Candle

Take it’s percentage.

If BH / CH % is lesser than 50%, it’s a BH<50%CH Candle.

Such a Candle lacks direction and thereby referred as Indecisive Candles. Hence the Stop Loss is placed below such Indecision Candles @ 1/9th.  below the Low of BH<50%CH Candles.

E.g. if Low of BH<50%CH Candle is 180,

Then SL = 180-180/9=160.

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While there are many other ways to arrive at Stop Loss, this is one of them.

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