Candles First!

In the chronology of events and its Importance, Candles come first to be Mastered as a group of Candles lead to Patterns.

Within the Patterns are Candles, that lead to formation of Patterns. And if your knowledge of Candles has clarity, either Strength or Weak (without getting too worried of the names for newcomers to TA) you will trade the Patterns correctly.

Followed by Candle formations, irrespective of whether it’s Ascending Triangle or Head-n-Shoulders, Flags or Pennants, the methodolgy of Box Breakouts take all of it into consideration, keeping things Simple.

Following Clarity on Type of Candle either Strength or Weak, the next on the list for subject learning is Breakouts.

Unfortunately, Breakout Methodolgy as a subject is not so well covered on Google searches on the Internet.

Our many Blog Post on Breakouts will provide clarity to you!

So in essence on the canvas of subject learning, its Candle Analysis first followed with Breakouts!

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