Trading Candlesticks

A Simple Process, Simplified

No need of candlestick patterns

No Candle Naming required

Course Date: 30 July - 03 August 21

Course Details

What does the course offer?

  • Understand Candle Stucture
  • Candle Flow & Price Flow
  • How to enter & exit a trade
  • How to fix StopLoss
  • How to place a Trade
  • Concept of Waves
  • Breakouts
  • Every concept backed by Case Studies

Who can take up this course?

For Beginners: 

Any new trader who has little understanding of charts

For Experienced Traders:

Any one who is well versed with charting and looking to trade the Nimblr way

How is the course conducted?

It is a Texting Course on Telegram.


What do i mean by a Texting Course?

 Two groups would be formed. One for Notes & another for Workshop room.

In the Notes Room, notes would be posted as per the notes session timings, at comfort reading speed.

In the Workshop Room,  after every notes session you would be asked to share your learnings, realisations & charts (whenever necessary). Also, we would be taking questions from the notes sessions.

Course Fee

Rs.6,000/- + GST = Rs.7,080/-


Course Schedule

Course Snapshot

Notes Sessions
Workshop Room
Notes Session
Workshop Room