On the Occasion of Guru Purnima

Pranaam to All!

An event I would love to express.

My early days as a Trader during 1996-1998, I would always be caught in a dilemma. Hesitancy was at its peak. System was in its infancy.

To Act or not to Act?

Removing the dilemma in trading had process related issues. And the other part was the ‘Self’.

I once asked my village Priest who had taught me the exact way to pronounce Shri Sukth.

Is there a Stotra for removing hesitancy?”

And he said, “Yes!”.

I was surprised that I did not know.

He speedily said a few lines

छेदय छेदय

माराय माराय.........

But added, that as Priest he did not recommend it to all.

“It is a Warriors Stotra!”, he explained.

Its helps to be action-oriented.

He cautioned it may not get well with people who are full of hatred.

It is good for the intellectual people.

Who fight their wars with their intellect.

And went on to say a few more lines of the stotra.

राजभाई चोरभाई

परमंत्र परयन्त्र परतंत्र परविद्या

छेदय छेदय

And then he appreciated the last stanza, that is free for anyone to recite.





प्रकटय प्रकटय


Let me originate, my guiding words.

My Machinery / Process / Daily Rituals

My Strategies

( as a Trader )

Let it originate in me

सर्वारिष्ट तान नाशय नाशय


All kinds of stress in me be destroyed.


नाशय नाशय


All enemies within or in the form of trades or any other form,

Assist in the cause.

Further he appreciated the magic of Sanskrit in these three words:

असाध्याय साध्याय साध्याय



असाध्याय – Impossible

साध्याय – Is Possible

साध्याय – Becomes possible

Later , he conveyed the name of the stotra.

Shri Hanuman Vadavaanala Stotram


Today, the Day I have to invoke my self

This is my best instrument.

(I am no Sanskrit Scholar. May be someone can provide deeper meaning)

Once again please accept this as my thanks for your Gratitude & Wishes on Guru Purnima Day.

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