Nimblr’s Aura Constant

All living person, things, places or a noun has an “Aura” of its own.

What does every number has its Aura mean?

It means that no number is just a digit or a point. Every number is a Range.

Every number is a Value + Aura Constant of a Number.

Stick to this principle, proposition, corollary or inference, whatever you may call it!

How does Aura Constant help in Trading?

Nimblr liked the basic idea of it and felt that every number also has an “Aura” of its own.

His experience on Targets and Stop Losses was that it ‘Missed’ or was ‘Hit by barely some micro negligible value.

This negligible difference was indeed making a big difference in the Net P&L.

Hence, defined this observation as +/- 0.1% and kept applying to the find that it was very valid.

Called it the “Aura Constant of a Number”

A buy recommendation in any charts with a hypothetical value above previous top of 1052.  

With Aura Constant, the Buy would be greater than 1053.05 i.e. (Buy > 10.53.05).

If you wish to place a trigger order above 1052, place it as Buy above 1053.05 to miss the noise associated with volatility.



In Fig.1, the Target as per Fibonacci Channel Projection was 1056.10 and it achieved 1055.75.

If Aura Constant was applied to the Target, the Exit price for booking profits could have been 1055.05 (i.e. 1056.10 less 0.1%).

Thereby, would have not missed booking of Profit

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