Investing – Where & How Much?

Apportioning Funds to Stocks when entering for Investment has some worth parameters  in the background.

The Single Most reason for hefty allocation to the extent of 8-10% is scalability in operations with scope for self sustaining Growth. This creates Mega Baggers with a long stay in the portfolio.

Improved Quarterly Results due to better than average Price Realizations in Commodity Stocks which are cyclical get 5-8% allocation with an average twelve month stay.

Stocks with Stable Historic Performance record with prospects for improved valuation gets 4-5% allocation like Hind Lever, Colgate, Reliance, HDFC Bank of late with 6-8 months stay.

There isn’t any specific number on stocks to be held. software allow to hold more than the previous norm of 10-15 stocks.

Investment depends more on perception of Gains over time and its stay in portfolios purely based on TA Momentum Strategies.

Some of the stocks may fall apart from original thinking or even do well than expected after Investing and depending upon its extended stay and monthly momentum they get re-grouped by TA Methods at the end of every month.

Constant liquidity is adequate due to well defined Momentum Methods for Fresh Investing Opportunities.

Portfolios are tagged month-wise initially; with price achievements, a few may remain with Yearly Momentum and some may even be exited due to higher sideways accumulation period of over 4-5 months.

Depending upon their longer stay in the portfolio stocks get aged and tagged as per the above three parameters of Long Term scalability, Price Realization and Stable Growth compouder.


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