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Habits & Losses

Wishful thinking is a Speculative Habit.

To wish is Speculative.

‘Hope for the Best’ is speculative and can lead to losses.

Acting in anticipation without confirmation is speculative.

‘Let me Try’ is a speculative act.

‘Try, Try till you succeed’ can lead to Over trading.

‘It will happen’ kind of haughty self-righteousness doubles losses.

‘I am sure’ can make you add positions and lose.

‘I know’ of the news can turn into a nightmare.

Gossip may open you to trading on word of mouth.

Some overnight Buy Back news may risk you to make a trade.

Feeling Rich! over Spare money or Additional income may lure you to bet money on stocks.

You pay up for your Losses due to your personal liking!

You pay up for your Losses due to the way you conduct overall in life!

You pay up for your Habits!

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