Achieving Discipline

Discipline is not something others do to you. It is something you do for yourself.


The easiest and the hardest way to practice discipline is to wake up every morning at the same time. 

Each Day. Each Morning. 

Easy or Hard?. I leave that to you to decide.

Discipline sounds like a very calm word. But, it’s a mammoth of a task for somebody to follow or an easy-peasy for a for someone.

We all learn discipline out of our circumstances and choices.

Let me share my thoughts and beliefs on Discipline which have come with time and experience.

The word ‘Discipline’ is so powerful that one needs to lift themselves up to achieve it.

Discipline comes in all forms it might be towards Self-Growth or changing the following:

  • Thoughts
  • Work habits
  • Home cleanliness 
  • Trading
  • Money
  • Saving
  • Behavioral Patterns

Below are some ways to approach discipline or inculcate it, as a part of our life:

Point 1:

To stop somewhere is a matter of discipline.

Point 2:

To not trade is a matter of discipline.


Point 3:

To not trade is a beginning to reshape past patterns of behavior.

Point 4:

To stop doing something repetitive and deplorable on a regular basis in the past is discipline.

Point 5:

Discipline is within, knowing where to stop.

Point 6:

Through discipline, we start to define and redefine our actions.

Point 7:

Through discipline, we forget old patterns of actions.

Point 8:

Through discipline, we create a new pattern in our trading regime.

Point 9:

Through discipline, we choose to create a new person in us. A superior version of us.

Point 10:

Through discipline, we can terminate repetitive old unwanted habits.

Point 11:

A discipline is an approach to creating a habit.

Point 12:

Without discipline, we will not be successful in our life.

Point 13:

Discipline starts with ‘conviction’.

Point 14:

Having the ‘conviction’ to do what we must do as the first step towards getting disciplined.

Point 15:

Every disciplined action with conviction, creates a repetitive disciplined action to finally become a ‘habit’.

Point 16:

Habit is to do the same over and over again

Point 17:

Discipline is actually the bridge between our goals and our accomplishments.

Point 18:

Discipline is always about cleaning past patterns and forming new acceptable ones.

Point 19:

To not trade till all signals are in place is a matter of discipline.

Point 20:

To be careless is a result of not wanting to live within the discipline.

So, if you find any of the points valid on a personal note, ensure you start your journey of being disciplined this 2022.


– Nimblr.

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