Case Studies

  • Case Study #3 Open of the Day

    In this Case Study, we are looking at the relevance of Open of the Day in Intraday Trading. Open of the day is the most ignored aspect amidst our focus on Indicators. Let us understand the importance of “Open of the Day”. Note: Your trading chart must have: ” A distinct fat orange-colored line that is always highly visible to never miss.” Why? Open Price is the first data tick that culminates into Price. Happenings in the media. World News related to instruments (Since Prev Close). Case 1 In the chart below, we look for the price to cross 2349.55…

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  • Case Study #2 Nifty50 FMCG

    Breakout Case Study on Nifty50FMCG.  Breakout flare-up is on the way, if Weekly Close is above 36565. Fibonacci Targets: 61.8%  37401 100%   37921 Case Study Such case studies are a part of the Nimblr’s Trading Candlesticks Course in a similar manner as below We are inspecting whether, Nimblr Classical 2-Strength Candle breakout has occurred. The Range Breakout Concept is being tried to inspect if the Breakout has occurred. Here, we start with the following chart for the week ended 18June21. In the above charts, we have to consider Retest as a Qualified Range to inspect the breakout. If you observe,…

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  • Case Study #1 Kotak Bank

    A Classical Impulse Case Study through its various stages that provides an Intra Day trade for day traders and Nimblrite’s Learning.   Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 5 Min Daily Chart 4Aug21 Part 1 Expanded View One sees the descending Lower Lows on the previous day with the yellow line. Near the end of the previous day, there is a Breakout with IC High BO Line at 1685.85 The next day, it Opens Gap Up and in the first 5min candle itself, it does Retest of BO Line 1685.85. The 5min candle has a Long Tail that does the Retest. Next…

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