Case Studies

Case Study #1 Kotak Bank

A Classical Impulse Case Study through its various stages that provides an Intra Day trade for day traders and Nimblrite’s Learning.


Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

5 Min Daily Chart 4Aug21


Part 1 Expanded View

One sees the descending Lower Lows on the previous day with the yellow line.

Near the end of the previous day, there is a Breakout with IC High BO Line at 1685.85

The next day, it Opens Gap Up and in the first 5min candle itself, it does Retest of BO Line 1685.85.

The 5min candle has a Long Tail that does the Retest.

Next day’s first three 5min candles of Open Range has no Momentum Candle that touched the dotted pink Body High Line (BHL) at 1701.80 for a BO1 Mother Candle in the Open Range.

BO1 first Mother Candle marked does the piercing above the Blue Range High Line (RHL) at 1702.30.

Let us see the Wave Chart:

The Line Chart of previous day, had a Channel movement. The Deep Retest till 1685.85 is not seen on the Line Chart., though it later shows a Dip.

Moving Ahead

BO1 & BO2 are marked and between them, there are two IC Candles.

Candle 3 is an IC with a High 1700.75 which is also a BO Line.

Candle 4 is a Breakout Momentum Candle

Candle 5 does Retest with a Low 1700.10 and provides us with an Entry.

Expanded View

After BO2 the MC Candle with a Low shown as 1712.60 and BO Line Compressed IC High 1709.05 offered the nearest Retest after a High of 1716.60

IC High 1710.75 could also be given a look as one of the entry price.

The stock heads to 1753.25 as below

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