5 Gems #2

In announcing the Gems, we have tried to create a balanced portfolio of stable and aggressive stocks.

CARE Ratings Limited has limited downside while Munjal Auto & Shivam Auto from the same sector would come out of range play.

MSP Steel and Power Ltd for post pandemic economic revival and Burger King as a good long term compounding stock.

Keep hooked for the next release next week.

Gem 1

Munjal Auto Industries Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 66.30

Expect Price to touch 79 / 94 in 1-2 months. Review thereafter for a Bigger Rally.

Technically stock in Monthly Momentum as per Nimblr’s CCI 34 > 100 (below) since June-July21 suggesting Investors are positive on the stock.

Jun18 High 98.35 when Quarterly Sales were half of what they are now in last three quarters. With double the sales, can expect the same valuation of Jan18 of 90-95.

Expect Good Quarters Sept21 – Mar22 in the same manner as was Set20 – Mar21.

Gem 2

Shivam Autotech Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 26.50

Expect 42 in 1-2 months for medium term. As the Auto Industry scene improves evaluation may improve by 20% till 60 in a year.

Gem 3

Burger King India Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 180.90

Expect 268/301 by Dec21.

At this price, a good compounding stock for Long Term.

Gem 4

MSP Steel & Power Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 11.85

Expect 15.70 / 19.60 in 1-2 months.

It is a good turnaround case for Medium to Long Term.

Gem 5

CARE Ratings Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 725.90

Expect 960 in 1-3 months / 1350 in one year.

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