5 Gems #1

In announcing the Gems , we have tried to create a balanced portfolio of stable and aggressive stocks. 

Kotak could be just at the bottom while Seamec and Jocil may come out of range play.

Gujarat Pipavav for post-pandemic economic revival and Power Finance Corporation in Power Sector

Keep hooked for the next release next week

Gem 1

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd 

Weekly Chart CMP 1723.00

If you notice, It is has bottomed.

A Weekly Open tomorrow above 1750 is not time to keep watching.

The stock did a Lower Low 1694.15 on 23July20 versus earlier Lower Low 1698.45 of 30 June and closed above the previous day’s high candle indicating markets support at those levels of 1694-1698.

In the medium term, touching 1999 is a swift possibility, and they’re on to 2428 by Oct21 where it will be time to decide if compounding for the long term can be done.


Gem 2

Seamec Ltd

Daily Chart CMP 501.10

We may see Buy 490-500 range.

Immediate Rise Levels

537 / 590 / 623 over the next 1-2 months

In intraday, the Buy was triggered on 23July21 above 480 as per Nimblr Process.

It may further lead to Range Breakout too.

Gem 3

Power Finance Corporation Limited

Monthly Chart CMP 128.45

Stock Retested April High 118.95 and is now geared to touch 160 by Aug-Sept21 and thereafter review for higher targets.

Short Term Positional Traders SL 117.00

Long Term outlook may change dramatically in favor in the near term for the stock.

Gem 4

Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd

Monthly Chart CMP 106.15

It is Investment time in this stock.

Best Buy 100-103 range

Short Run up till 148 3-4 month.

It’s a Strategic Port that would gain immensely in the economic revival next 1-2 years if the end of pandemic is nearing.

Gem 5

Jocil Ltd

Monthly Chart CMP 233.30

You can Expect 350 next 2-3 months.

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